Institute of Livelihood Research and Training

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Institute of Livelihood Research and Training


An affiliate of Basix Social Enterprise Group (BSEG)

Case Write-shop

Livelihood practitioners carry a lot of tacit knowledge. A challenge that they encounter is to convert the tacit knowledge into knowledge forms which are more explicit. Case studies do help in converting tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. Challenge faced by practitioners is they do need support to convert implicit knowledge into explicit knowledge. It is here case-write-shops that address this gap. Through case write-shops ILRT brings together practitioners and academics to reflect on action, document the same for the larger benefit of development community, policy makers and researchers. The final products i.e., case studies which emerge from case-write-shops are the co-product of practitioners and academics. Such write-shops helps convert tacit experiential knowledge into latent knowledge through documentation. This product is offered to practitioners from NRLMs/SRLMs, National and International Donor agencies, CSRs, NGOs, Line Departments, Multilateral organizations.