Books published by ILRT includes publications undertaken internally as well as with external publishing houses. The books may include resource manuals, case study reports, research studies, process documentations. They could be both theoretical and conceptual as well as applied in nature to address the current challenges.

S. NoTitle of the BookAuthor NameYear of PublicationPrice
1Resource Book on Livelihood Promotion – IVRama K, Dr. Sankar Datta, Vijay Mahajan2016Rs. 1000/-
2CESS: Identification of Livelihood Opportunities and Challenges of Forest Dwellers in Upland Areas of North Eastern States of India (North-East Study)Barna BaibhabaPanda Abhijit Sharma2011Not for Sale

Experiences of livelihood Promotion –Learning from filed- cases of Kamal Nayan Bajaj Foundation

The Livelihood School & Kamal Nayan Bajaj Foundation2011Not for Sale
4Saving of the poorDr. Sankar Datta,  S L Narayana, S Srinivas2010Rs. 690/-
5The Master Weaver with a Difference – A Case Study on Rehwa Society, MaheshwarNikhil Mathur2010Rs. 25/-
6An Experience of BAIF – RRIDMADeepak Sharma2010Rs. 25/-
7From Leaf to LivelihoodDeepak Sharma2010Rs. 25/-
8Crafting the Livelihoods – A Study on Livelihood Promotion Interventions in RajasthanSuresh C. Sharma2010Rs. 25/-
9Community Participation in Livelihoods PromotionSunil Choudhary2010Rs. 25/-
10Harnessing the Shakthi The Women PowerMs. Annapurna2010Rs. 25/-
11Chilika Bachao AndolanMihar Sahana2010Rs. 25/-
12TRIAD – An Effective Livelihood Promotion StrategyDeepak Mathuri et.al2010Rs. 25/-
13Effectiveness of Different Livelihood InterventionsThe Livelihood School2010Rs. 25/-
14Cluster Development Project of ChanderiSuresh C. Sharma2010Rs. 25/-
15Case Studies on Dairy InterventionsMihir Sahana et.al2010Rs. 100/-
16Case Studies on Micro Finance InterventionSachin Mardikar, et.al2010Rs. 100/-
17Market-led Livelihood Intervention: Empowerment & Economic TasksThe Livelihood School2010Rs. 100/-
18Agriculture based Livelihood Promotion (Experiences from Eastern India)The Livelihood School2010Rs. 100/-
19Cases on Watershed InterventionsRadhika Desai, et.al2010Rs. 100/-
20State of India’s Livelihoods: The 4 P Report 2008Sankar Datta and Vipin Sharma2010Rs. 690/-
21Experiences of Livelihood Promotion Learning from the field: Cases of MYRADA in actionThe Livelihood School and MYRADA2010Not for Sale
22Inclusive Livelihood Strategies on Non Timber Forest Product – Case Studies from IndiaThe Livelihood School and MYRADA2010Rs. 150/-
23Removing the Darkness and IMproving Livelihoods – Solar Home Lighting System : Earning from PracticeNabarun Sen Gupta, Shilpa Vasadva2010Rs. 75/-
24Fisheries Based Livelihoods in India: Present Status, Problems and ProspectsThe Livelihood School2010Not for Sale
25Experiences of livelihood Promotion –Learning from filed-cases of AKRSP (India) in actionThe Livelihood School & AKRSP2010Not for Sale
26A Resource Book for Livelihood PromotionSankar Datta, Vijay Mahajan.and Gitali Thakur2009Rs. 600/-