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Institute of Livelihood Research and Training


An affiliate of Basix Social Enterprise Group (BSEG)

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About ILRT

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The Institute of Livelihood Research and Training (Formerly The Livelihood School) is a practice based academic institution promoted by Basix Social Enterprise Group, a livelihood promotion conglomerate, for knowledge management on livelihood and related issues. The mandate of ILRT is to build scientific knowledge base on livelihood promotion and disseminate the same to planners and practitioners to enhance their understanding and capabilities for designing and implementing livelihood interventions for promotion of large number of livelihoods especially for the poor and women.

Training of Trainers (ToT) on Solid and Liquid Waste Management in Bihar

Training of Trainers (ToT) on Promotion of Producer Groups for Agri-Business in Maharastra and Dadar & Nagar Haveli

What We Do

14 years of forging solutions that help people and their livelihood.

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Value Chain Studies

Our Popular Services

Livelihood Mapping and Intervention Design

This is a unique product of ILRT which helps development organizations to understand which livelihoods to target, where and how to target to create maximum impact while working with communities. The process involves a comprehensive study of livelihood scenario of project location with a more detailed analysis of 3-4 subsectors.

Subsector Analysis for Value Chain Development

Chain Development It is important for livelihood promotion organizations to identify the right intervention points in a subsector or a commodity value chain, addressing which can yield maximal benefits for the community.

Skill Mapping and Intervention Design

Skill development has emerged as an important means of building employability and creating livelihoods for the youth. A challenge before livelihood promotion organizations (LPOs) and Skill development agencies is which skills to be offered to youth. Identifying the right type of skills which has potential job market and also meets the aspirations of youth requires a skill mapping exercise.

Action Research

Most of the development solutions emerge from pilots. A successful pilot provides important learnings on what works and what does not work. Such pilots can be undertaken through Action Research where innovative ideas can be tested. Action Research is not mere testing but involves a process of action, reflection, action. It provides learnings on what product features, processes, models, and customizations trigger positive or negative results.

Capacity Building and Handholding

ILRT provides capacity building support to a range of livelihood promotion organizations (LPOs) through open and customized programs. Some of the open programs of ILRT include: a) Fundamentals of Livelihood promotion – 1 & 2; b) Integrated program on Livelihood promotion; c) Integrated program on building value chains.

Case Write-shop

Case Write-shop Livelihood practitioners carry a lot of tacit knowledge. A challenge that they encounter is to convert the tacit knowledge into knowledge forms which are more explicit. Case studies do help in converting tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge. Challenge faced by practitioners is they do need support to convert implicit knowledge into explicit knowledge.

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