Livelihood Learning Group

Promoting livelihoods to vast size of population and growing workforce is a greatest challenge in the country. Even after continuous hard efforts by the central and state governments, NGOs and CSR projects, the unemployment rate is still continuing with 10.7 as per 2010 estimates. These estimates highlight the need for special attention on creating new livelihoods for the people. Livelihoods of the people are dynamic and sensitive to socio, economic, political and market and other conditions. Therefore the livelihood promoting organisations (LPOs) need to have necessary information in hand to drive the communities towards sustainable livelihoods.


Lack of mutual exchange of experiences and successful efforts may cause for duplication of efforts and misuse of monitory and human resources. The advocacy efforts made by some livelihood promoting agencies can give a lead to many others to intensify their livelihood promotion efforts. Thus there is a requirement of mechanism among the livelihood promoting organisations to exchange the necessary information and best practices.


The Livelihood Learning Group is a mechanism to share and learn from each other. In this forum, people engaged in livelihood promotion activities from Livelihood Promotion Organization such as civil society initiatives, Government initiatives, CSR initiatives along with some engaged in academic pursuit participate together to understand the pros and cons of various initiatives that affect livelihoods. The case-teaching pedagogy is used extensively so as to enable people with several years of experience to engage in deliberations effectively. The same group of people/institutions meet at a mutually agreed frequency to review their learning and build on them. Thus LLG would facilitate exchange of information and helps to bridge the knowledge gaps in livelihood promotion processes and can also ensure effective use of the resources to promote large number of livelihoods in the country.