India has now over 1250 million people out of which 500 million are workers. Every year the workforce increases by about two percent that is about ten million net increment. Of the 500 million who are already working, about 93% are working either in the agriculture or the informal sector. The livelihood challenge in India, therefore, is a twin challenge – one of creating ten million new livelihoods every year and the second of upgrading the livelihoods of about 350 million people who are already employed. Given the magnitude of the issue, and the dearth of resources for livelihood promotion, the task of promoting livelihoods for the poor becomes all the more urgent. It calls for organizations to use their resources optimally to achieve maximum scale.

On the other hand, most of the development agencies are ‘theme oriented’ (e.g.: watershed management, health, agriculture, etc.). While they are able to leave a lasting and sustainable positive impact in the area of livelihood promotion, they are oftentimes requiring to develop a thorough understand of what livelihood promotion means to their respective specializations.

The e-learning course on “Fundamentals of Livelihood Promotion” will allow the user to develop a simple but effective understanding of livelihood promotion and how this can be used as a ‘lens’ to their ongoing work. This course is also useful to beginners who want to engage in the field of livelihood promotion.

This e-course has three modules:

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Module I: What are Livelihoods?

Module II: Promoting livelihoods

Module III: Livelihood interventions

This module introduces you to the variety of choices for livelihood promotion interventions. The module also provides a framework for analyzing various design elements of livelihood interventions. It also provides an in-depth understanding that is available with you and your agency for promoting livelihood through particular interventions.

At the end of this module, you would be able to understand the various elements of design of livelihood interventions, understand the context, analyse available choices, and how these choices can be assessed systematically.

How do I access the e-learning course?

This e-learning course has been provided for the sole purpose of ‘knowledge dissemination’ that Institute of Livelihood Research and Training has generated over the years, hence it is accessible to you free of cost. However, we would like to know you so we can get in touch with you and seek your sugestions to improve our knowledge dissemination efforts.
We will appreciate if you can send us a mail at to tell us that you are using it. Please indicate your name, the organization that you work with and the complete address.

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